Budget management as never been easier

Spesa provides a smarter way to manage your expenses and savings in an
extremely simple and feature rich way, allowing you to know where your money
goes with the minimum amount of effort.


Spesa provides an extremely detailed view of the history. It allows you to see the amount you saved or spent for each year, month and day.

Manage Loans

Keep track of every penny you owe to someone or have borrowed from someone
and get reminders about the deadlines.


Create unlimited shopping lists for different expense categories and
have the records updated automatically after paying.


Calculate tips and pay for your meals on the fly.


See detailed statistics and track how much you spend on individual items.

More features

Auto Currency Conversion

Spesa knows where you are in the world and always converts the currencies to your home currency. All behind the scenes.


Add unlimited categories for different type of expenses and assign them unique colors.

Cloud Synchronization

Your data is always safe on the cloud.

Change Themes

Select from a variety of themes to suit your mode.